Best Rechargeable and Foldable Fan for Nigerian hot Weather



It is not new that effect of ozone layer depletion is fast worsening.

A fast case study is the constant hot weather condition experienced in different part of Nigeria. Lots of people are on constant cry out for help, seeking for various means to feel cool. Some people has deviced constant cold water bath at different time interval of the day, whereas some buy lots of cooling devices for their homes, offices and cars.

Foldable mini hand fan-sabibuy

Today technology has made life a lot easier, comfortable and more interesting. In other to overcome the increasing hash temperature especially in Nigeria, mini handy devices has being introduced such as portable mini hand fan. The beauty of this device cut across its numerous functionalities and usage.You can actually do alot with this portable mini hand fan. i would enumerate some of the features of this device. They are:

★【PORTABLE DESIGN】Folding design and small shape; It can be used as a desktop air fan, or hand held mini fan.You can take it to anywhere you like,  including when watching Champions League Cup Finals or any other activity.

★【CONVENIENT CHARGING FUNCTIONALITY】 It is Both battery operated and USB rechargeable. Even if the battery is out of power when you go out, connect a USB output device and then you can use it anytime, anywhere. Perfect for home, office, travel, gym, BBQ and outdoor activities.

★【STRONG AIRFLOW- 3 SPEEDS】Simple one-button operation can be low/medium/high speed 3 gear adjustment.

★【ADD WIRELESS CHARGING FUNCTIONS】Detachable charging base The base has the function of mobile phone bracket.

★【QUALITY PRODUCTS AND AFTER-SALES SERVICE】All our products are genuine. Please purchase at our “Top Go” store to prevent fake and inferior products from other stores. 

★【MULTI COLOUR CHOICE】Comes in different colours just for you.

Where can i purchase portable mini hand fan?

You can actually purchase this device from different stores online and offline. Some of the trusted sites you can get this device includes:

sabibuy mini usb hand fan
Super breeze mini usb hand fan
  • : Its a well known online store in Nigeria where you can purchase numerous products. The current price of  mini rechargeable hand fan sells for N3000.
  • Its an online store where you can purchase lots of devices, gadgets, and appliances. this store provides fast delivery for products like this within Nigeria, presently, the portable mini hand fan is sold for N2,500 also this company offers affiliate programs for this and any of their products sold on their site, helping Nigerians to make money when others buy from them.
  • This is also a very reputable company  where you can get vast varieties of products, There are lots of vendors on jumia and prices of items are quite competitive you can get this portable mini usb hand fan between N3000- N2500 depending on the vendor you see.
  • These is also a great site to buy lots of gadgets, tech and appliances. Products purchased from this site are shipped from china vendors. you can check the website for purchase of mini hand fan.

No matter how harsh the weather is, today technology has giving us a handy device to feel cool ones again. No more stress in making up under hot weather, sleeping and even watching movies with your phones indoor. What are you waiting for, get yours now.

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