Step by step guild on how I started a phone accessories business in Nigeria.

My Experience in this business.

Starting up a phone accessories business in Nigeria (Benue state) could be so challenging especially locating where to buy this goods at a very good rate so you can resale and make good profits. Phone accessories business is indeed a very lucrative one and I guarantee you that you could make a whole lot of money from the business if you are really ready to follow my simple steps.I would take time to educate you on my step by step journey in this business.

My name is Nwosu Afamefuna John, graduate of biochemistry, University of Nigeria Nsukka. I am the CEO of Afamirase Global Enterprises, with our business website We are basically into sells of UK used phones , phone accessories, and gadgets in wholesale and retail. We are located at shop 8 Aku plaza ,opp Tito gate, Makurdi, Benue state.

In starting up a phone accessories business in Benue state, especially in Makurdi and almost everywhere in Nigeria, they are laid down simple steps and things you must have to know or put in mind before you venture into the business. Trust me this business is very very lucrative, competitive and inspiring.

I started my own journey in 2017 after my youth service, since I couldn’t get a job, I had to help myself to get busy, hustle and make money for myself. The steps I would show you are based on my personal experience, trust me, it can be of help to you anywhere in Nigeria since our economic conditions are slightly the same anywhere in Nigeria.

The first thing you must have in mind before venturing into phone accessories business, or any other business is that business in general is not a get rich quick scheme. New business requires time, patience, hard work, smart work (would explain later) and consistency (very important). Sometimes business in Nigeria can pay you real fast especially when you enter into it during scarcity of a particular product and if  you have it in abundance, it could be your first turning point, but most atimes its not always like that.

Secondly you must have passion or a little love for the business you want to venture into. Lots of people make this mistakes over and over again, some venture into a business because they heard that it is the latest or it pays real fast, or their friends or relations are into it and they have being making huge from it. Sometimes its true, but have you taking time to ask them ways around the business, most people you see making it so well in a business has their various ups and down which the general public are not really aware of, what we just see is the end success story, forgetting that steps where taking to reach that stage. Love what you do, when the breeze of change comes in, you can easily adopt.

Thirdly, ask questions, make research, read about peoples story in the business you want to go into, this would make you prepared psychologically for any thing that might come your way.

Fourthly, Location, this is a very important factor you need to consider before venturing into any business, especially phone accessories. I did that mistake in the beginning of my business and it cost me 1 year of re-strategizing, my business was first located at shop 7 3rd world plaza High level makurdi, the plaza has low people’s patronage, I only survived the one year through smart work.. Now what is smart work, its simply utilizing all advanced strategies to boast your business, the tools I used was Jiji, jumia, Facebook, Instagram and nairaland, and trust me it really worked so well. Location issue could be mercy a times, and you can spend lots of months searching for good location. In my advice look around for mall where people troop in and out often, phone plazas, busy junctions, busy market areas or junctions, and university gate( though this location could be seasonal but when you apply smart work, you would be good).

Fifth, locating where to buy the goods at affordable rates, this factor is so important, because your profit margin varies from where you get the goods at good rate. If you are in Lagos, contact Jideofor 07061114873. You would be surprised I met him on nairaland, and since then we have being close. He would help you purchase your goods from importers in alaba international market. If you are in Benue state, makurdi you can always contact me 07064928353 or visit my office at shop 8 Aku Plaza, opposite Tito gate makurdi for best deals and wholesale price. I import most of my goods myself and buy some in Lagos, any thing I don’t have, be left assured I know where to get them for you, I would also put you through in my practical journey especially when setting up your shop, getting a good location and more.

Sixth, startup finance. This factor is what really motivates people to venture into any business. Access to finance is a whole lot of challenge for some people especially in Nigeria. Trust me you don’t need the whole world to start phone accessories business, you can decide to start with #200-#300k. Even 100k can go. I bought my first goods with a total of #351230 and now I know where I am now.. Dont allow people tell you must have millions to start this, am a testimony of low start up. Now the big question! How did I get my startup. I got it through some personal savings from my service, I did lots of sells work with samrita vegetable oil, and trust me I got the money I needed, though not much but trust me I had to start somewhere.

Seventh, Marketing, this is where smart work works. Utilize all the social media and internet to reach large audience, create a Facebook page and do a paid advert from time to time, register on Jiji, sell on jumia, network on nairaland, engage audience on Instagram, trust me you would love the outcome. I would write more about marketing ( my smart work formula for all to see).

Finally always trust God, He would always make a way where they is no way.


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